Introducing Radiant Halo Seven™ from ECS

Radiant Halo Seven™, from Emission Control Solutions, patented and patent pending technology enhances the fuel combustion process, reduces emissions, improves fuel economy, and increases horsepower.


Commercial Transportation


Commercial Transportation
Today’s fleet operators face pressure to improve fuel economy, maximize horsepower and to be compliant with EPA and European emissions regulations. Emission Control Solutions’ Radiant Halo Seven™ addresses these elements in a single package that can be retrofitted to existing older engines.

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Rail & Stationary Engines

Rail & Stationary

Rail & Stationary Engines
Rail and stationary engines are extremely long-lived, and there are countless older powerplants still operating. Given the engines’ output and rugged simplicity, many companies are reluctant to retire these warhorses. RH7 technology can bring older engines up to current and future emission requirements, as well as reducing fuel consumption, saving the owners of these simple, reliable, and powerful engines the cost of replacement.

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Freshwater & Marine
Marine engines operate with a blend of steady-state and transient fuel requirements. As such, RH7 technology, proven to operate in both modes, is completely effective in marine environments. The same materials technology that allows the RH7 to operate in the rugged on-/off-highway and rail environments lends it the necessary durability to survive the harsh conditions of marine applications.

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Radiant Halo Seven™

ECS is the first company to bridge the divide between theory and a robust, efficient, and practical implementation.


  • Compact form factor cell installed directly in the air intake.
  • Consumes 70-80W electrical power.
  • Does not raise the temperature of air entering cylinder.
  • Works in conjunction with existing emission control technologies such as DPFs to make them more effective by reducing the build-up of particulates.

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Introducing Radiant Halo Seven™ - Patented and Patent Pending technology from Emission Control Solutions


… What Emission Control Solutions has accomplished over existing technology is the successful implementation of the concept with hardware that is efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

– Dr. Kirk Collier, Independent consultant with more than 30 years of energy engineering experience


Charitable Initiatives

As a global citizen, ECS shares in the desire to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Across the world, billions of people live in poverty without reliable sources of energy. Learn more about our global initiatives to reach out and help change the world for good.

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Environmental Impact

EnvironmentUtilization of the Radiant Halo Seven™ Technology is proven to reduce emissions substantially showing more than a 50% reduction in particulate matter from CI engines. RH7™ also reduces unburned HC emissions with no increase in NOx output.

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Diesel Emissions

Diesel EmissionsDiesel emissions are a complex mixture of gases and particles, composed of hundreds of organic and inorganic compounds. The specific physical and chemical characteristics of the diesel exhaust emitted by a given engine depend on many factors, including the composition of the fuel, the characteristics of the engine and the conditions under which the diesel is burned.

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Cleansing His World

The primary mission of ECS is to “Cleanse the world of harmful emissions and improve the quality of air we breathe”. We believe that implementation of the Radiant Halo Seven™ technology will help cleanse the environment of the harmful emissions that currently plague our planet.

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